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7 Reasons You Should Repair Your Credit

If you are reading this post, chances are you might have credit problems or know someone that does. Credit can be a deciding factor these days in life. It can improve the quality of life and or make it harder specially if you want to obtain larger loans such as home loans, car loans, [...]

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The Don’ts Of Credit

In the credit world we often hear about the things we should to help our credit get better, yet hardly ever do we read about the don’ts of credit. In other words, we need to know the “no nos” we should avoid so our credit doesn't get impacted in a negative manner. Such common mistakes [...]

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23 Negative Items (Including Inquiries) Deleted From Experian

At EZ Choice Financial, we care and make sure that our customers get the best credit repair service and results! After all the talk, what remains are the results and the happy customers it generates.Whether you are a consumer or lender/realtor, know that you are in good hands.   Here is another successful credit repair [...]

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Serious Credit Report Inaccuracies

As you might have heard or read, News Channels Agencies are racing to report that Millions of credit reports are inaccurate! Who is the culprit? Well According to the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission) and various investigative reporters, the credit reporting agencies are at fault because they are failing to comply with the Fair Credit [...]

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Credit Repair

It is a reality that many people are faced with the difficult task of credit repair.  They may have found themselves overextended on their credit cards and have to repair some late payments and some bad decisions when it comes to credit history.  Credit repair isn’t as difficult as many people might think. It takes [...]

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