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EZ Choice Financial is a premier Credit Repair solution provider. We strive to educate and empower consumers on their credit in hopes of changing their lives and helping them get what they deserve, from the home of their dreams to the car they’ve always wanted and more.

Our Youtube Channel will provide you endless content, updates, myth busters and more, on the credit industry. You will get updates and exclusive industry secrets about Credit scoring, Credit repair and more, things that the credit agencies and creditors don’t want you to know!. So make sure and subscribe to the EZ Choice Financial Youtube Channel for our video series on all things Credit!

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Credit Repair & How Can it Affect Your Life

Do you know What is Reporting On Your Credit Reports?

What You Need To Know About Credit Counseling , Debt Consolidation, Debt Settlement & Credit Repair

Why Are The 3 Credit Scores Different from One Credit Reporting Agency To Another - Credit Repair

Build Your Credit & Increase Your Fico Scores Without Credit Repair

Top 10 Credit Myths - Credit Repair

Are You Aware These Negative Reportings Drop Your Credit Scores - Credit Repair

Local Credit Repair Companies Versus Online Credit Repair Companies

The 2 Different Types Of Credit Repair Clients We Help

Are You Dealing With An Ethical Credit Repair Company- What You NEED To Know!


5 Common Credit Repair Mistakes

40 Million Plus Consumers Have Mistakes / Errors on Their Credit Reports

Fico Credit Scores Vs Fake-O Credit Scores - Credit Repair

Credit Repair Introduction By EZ Choice Financial Corp

Credit Repair in Irvine CA - EZ Choice Financial Corporation- EZ Choice Financial

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