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The “Key” to The Credit Disputing Process is, knowing what an error is on your credit reports, how to dispute that error and what documentation you may need to provide to the Credit Reporting Agencies or The Creditors/Banks. In most cases even verbiage used can affect the dispute. This process may be costly, timely and frustrating. You the Consumer can do this yourself but why would you? This is a very challenging process and in our opinion needs someone with experience in this field. If it was easy, everybody would be fixing their own credit.

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Not everyone should dispute any particular area in their credit reports, because you can damage your credit as well. Many consumers attempt their own disputing, some succeed,  some really damage their credit reports. For many years we have helped Thousands of consumers with their disputes because they are either too busy with life in general or just don’t have the know how or the time it would take to do these disputes on their own. The credit bureaus count on consumers giving up, we are persistent & WE NEVER GIVE UP!

We Dispute Everything…

Most credit repair companies dispute very few items off of the consumers credit reports within each round of dispute. Some even dispute one credit bureau at a time. You might ask, why do they do that? It is a tactic to prolong the credit repair process so they can charge you the monthly fee for a longer period of time and make more money. As a result you pay more and you see less deletions.

At EZ Choice Financial, we dispute every single derogatory item and discrepancy, All at once Within each round of dispute and with each credit bureau. We do not charge our customers indefinitenely until they cancel and with us you see the maximum and fastest results possible.

There are certain types of credit reports that work for disputing and there are certain credit report types that don’t work. We would like to give “you” and anyone else a “Free Consultation” anytime you call during our business hours, so we can explain our credit dispute process which is unique to each individual!

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During our consultation, our trained staff will carefully review and evaluate your Credit Report(s) and help you understand how your credit is working for you and at the same time how it may be hurting you. Our credit experts will walk you through our process and make sure you are very clear about what we will be doing for you and also let you know what credit areas need to be utilized in order to gain a positive credit history. Finding errors is our specialty. Most of the credit reports we see on a daily basis have multiple errors which may be disputed according to your Rights from The Fair Credit Reporting Act. and The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and The Fair Credit Billing Act.

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