Build Positive Lines Of Credit

Build your credit, Rebuild your credit, and obtain new credit to raise your credit scores

Our credit repair service is the ultimate tool to remove negative items and inaccuracies off your credit reports. Sure we assist our clients in the removal of : Bankruptcy, Judgment, State & Federal Tax Liens, Child Support, Foreclosures, Repossessions, Short Sales, Settled Accounts, Charge Offs, Collections, Late payments, Student Loans and Identity Theft on your credit.

build positive credit to raise credit score

However, Credit repair alone does not build credit or rebuild credit. It is very important to build positive credit as we remove the adverse accounts dragging your credit scores down. Our job is is to clean and repair your credit. Only you the consumer can build your credit. If your credit has mostly negative accounts reporting on it,  once we remove them, you will have nothing left to get rated on. Opening positive credit will then account to increasing your score. “Having No Credit is Considered Bad Credit!”

If you already have positive credit accounts reporting on your credit, then you may not need to obtain more credit. Here are some basic guidelines to follow when opening credit:

  • Open at least 1 to 3 credit accounts
  • If you only can qualify for secured credit cards, remember that the higher the limit the better your credit looks.
  • Make sure you open revolving credit and not installment accounts ( stay tuned for upcoming posts to learn more)
  • Always pay on time and never be late.
  • Keep your balances under 25% off your credit limit.