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What sets EZ Choice Financial Apart from most Credit Repair Companies is that we are Fully Bonded in the State of California, Licensed and registered with The Secretary of State and Department of Justice. We are a family owned business that still believes in family values and helping one another succeed.

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Our commitment to the consumers supersedes any other companies that we have researched in terms of being here for the clients when they call during our business hours or just answering the consumer truthfully. We are also answering questions and guiding consumers daily on a one on one basis on how the credit repair process works even before they get started with our program. We believe in what’s Possible for the consumer’s instead of looking at all the obstacles.

Choosing the right credit repair company can be a difficult decision to make. Rest assured that you have reached the trusted resource for credit repair solutions. There are many reasons to support your decision, here are a few:

  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Five Star Rated Online Reviews On Yelp, Google, and Yahoo!
  • Long Term access to our credit repair services for the negative accounts you come in with
  • Unlimited access to helpful tools in order to Rebuild Credit
  • Affordable Payment Plans To Fit Your Budget (we do not charge for credit repair upfront)!
  • Attorney Assistant With FCRA & FDCPA Violations at no cost to you
  • Licensed & Bonded in the State of CA operating within the legal & ethical parameters of credit repair.
  • Doing Credit Repair For Over 18+ Years
  • Fico Pro Certified Credit Repair Company
  • Incredible Credit Repair Results You Can Count On! It Can Be You
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Count On EZ Choice:

  • All credit issues can be resolved, whether it takes time or simply making a phone call.
  • We give everyone that calls or walks in to our office a free credit analysis/evaluation of their credit profile so they can understand how their credit works for them and how they can better utilize their credit for more positive scoring results.
  • Most credit repair companies don’t want you to know too much, that way they can charge you more. We give you the facts up front before you get started so you can make a clear decision on moving forward in your life.
  • We work with anyone that has an issue with their credit. We never discriminate against anyone!
  • We have built numerous relationships with many affiliate partners who are ethical and integral just like us. For example; Realtors, Lenders, Brokers, Attorneys, C.P.As.’ and auto dealers etc… These diverse partner’s, are the ones that are seeing most of the consumers credit profile because anything you want to do today, almost requires a credit check of some sort. Consumers want to either qualify for an Apartment, home loan, car loan, credit card, personal loan, student loan, being a co-signer etc….
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Credit Repair is our Specialty, We’re So Good That We Work With Clients From: