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Our Credit Repair Guarantee

We are so confident of our service and success rate that we offer a Money Back Guarantee! Not many companies offer such a credit repair guarantee in the credit repair industry or any industry for that matter. Our proven methods along with the customized credit repair action plans that are unique to each consumer’s credit, allow us to achieve unprecedented results for our customers.

Since our Motto at EZ Choice Financial is transparency and honesty, Here is the Actual Credit Repair Guarantee:

Our Motto

We Guarantee Improvement In Your Credit With The Negative Items You Came in With, Within 6 Months Period or Full Refund

Yes we will issue a Full Refund no gimmicks! Of course there are couple of exclusions:

  • The credit repair guarantee only applies to the negative items the customer has at the time of enrollment.
  • In other words, if the client accumulates new negative items during the credit repair process or after the process starts then the guarantee doesn’t apply.
  • Consumer cooperation is imperative and vital for credit repair service to work. Without that there is NO GUARANTEE!

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