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Most consumers today, have a need for keeping their credit in good standing so they can take advantage of all the low interest rate loans, being able to qualify and in most cases keeping or obtaining a good job. Are you in need of credit repair and don’t know where to turn other than the Internet?

We at EZ Choice Financial Credit Repair want to share some valuable information with you about online credit repair companies VS. Your local credit repair companies. They both want to achieve the same goal and that is to cater to the needs of the consumer and get them to a better credit standing.

Some cases will take a long time and the average for us is around 3 to 6 months for improvement. If you really do your research and ask the right questions, you will find out that the online credit repair companies have a certain pricing model which automatically prolong your credit repair process and may take years to fix your credit.


Most consumers, that want their credit repaired, don’t want to wait years to fix their credit and frankly may not have the time to wait due to certain circumstances like losing their home or getting an error corrected so their Loan will go through. I say this because we at EZ Choice Credit Repair have been helping a lot of consumers that were previously working with online credit repair companies that were really frustrated and not satisfied with their process. When we asked what they were frustrated about, they all pretty much said the same thing. It’s taking too long.

When I asked some of the consumers how long too long was, some would say over a year and others would say 2 + years and when I found out that they are being charged monthly, the light bulb went off and I started doing more research to find that some of the biggest online credit repair companies have different pricing choices or models because they only dispute a few items a month and that may be per bureau. The way I found out is that when they monthly fee was $49.99 a month, they would dispute may be 2 to 3 accounts only a month. If they would pay more monthly they may dispute more items. The highest payment is $99.99 and they would dispute 3 to 5 items only a month. So basically, the longer it takes the more payments they drag out! I said OUCH that’s expensive and the people don’t see it until after about 6 or 7 months and they start getting really frustrated. The next thing you know you are hundreds of dollars in with no expiration date. What we mean is that the payment’s with an online credit repair company is reoccurring on a monthly basis no matter what the outcome. Wow, that can be Costly.

Here at EZ Choice Financial we charge a flat rate based on how many negative items we will be working on within a payment plan only. We give the consumer a satisfaction guarantee that if they see no improvement within 6 months we will refund them 100% for what ever fees they paid us in writing. We also give the consumer life time access to our services with the accounts they came in with on their credit reports only. For example Life time means the life time of the accounts they came in with. So if the normal negative account would stay on the reports 7 years, we would help the consumers as long as it takes. We do however, show improvement within the 6 month period so we don’t expect it to be taking that long like it does with online credit repair. As a matter of fact, we have had consumers finish their process with us in as low as 60 to 90 days. A consumers credit repair process may vary case to case not everyone will have the same results. The benefit is that when you have a total of 15 negative accounts, if they are reported to 3 credit bureaus, we don’t add them all together and Tell a consumer that they have 45 accounts!! That’s just misleading!

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