As you might have heard or read, News Channels Agencies are racing to report that Millions of credit reports are inaccurate! Who is the culprit? Well According to the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission) and various investigative reporters, the credit reporting agencies are at fault because they are failing to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Some might ask who are the credit reporting agencies? Experian, Equifax, Transunion are the giant big players in the credit reporting industry. Collectively the 3 giants are responsible for about “40 Million Mistakes” on consumers credit reports which is unacceptable by any standards specially in a 4 Billion dollar a year industry.

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As a result of these mistakes, Millions of American Consumers are unknowingly paying much more than they should on loans and interest rates. Credit reports obtained by consumer and the credit reports sold to the banks/financial institutions by credit reporting agencies are different and in some cases are not even the same. This begs another question: Are the credit reporting agencies in bed with banks and financial institutions so they can both make more money. So Far there has been no proof of such dealings, but the fact that the credit reporting industry is very secretive does not help either. Also, the fact that the credit reporting agencies spend millions and millions of dollars on lobbying activities in Washington does not help either their case either. What are they hiding?[/one_half_last]  

Experian declined to comment to the news channels and even their lobbying representatives declined as well. They posted on their blog “60 Minutes Story: Misleading Representation of Credit Reporting Industry” stating that such reports are inaccurate. This makes it hard to believe that an 8 year study by the FTC and all other investigative news agencies are wrong! For those of us who don’t know much about the FTC . “FTC is The Federal Trade Commission which is the nation’s consumer protection agency. The FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection works For The Consumer to prevent fraud, deception, and unfair business practices in the marketplace”. According to Law Firms that have sued and have been suing credit reporting agencies on the behalf of consumers : “We can get a Jury verdict for a million dollars, that a chunk change for the Bureaus. They would rather pay many verdicts of millions of dollars than to actually go in and change the policies/procedures that they have because that’s more expensive to them”

As a credit repair company, we have been preaching for years that the credit reporting bureaus/agencies have been reporting inaccurate info on consumers credit reports. Now that the FTC and News Channels agree and conquer with us, it shows and validates the merit of our claims to the public. At EZ Choice Financial, we have been fighting for our clients and ready to fight for you and your clients! We can remove the inaccuracies and clean your credit. We are the trusted resource for credit repair solutions. Our purpose is to help people get back on track and get the credit they deserve .

Credit Reporting agencies allow consumers to dispute once online and often times they never investigate the dispute. They respond back a month later with “item verified with creditor” and the item remains on your credit. Their websites are driven to sell consumers on premium products and not to help you dispute. When you call in and speak with a live person, you get connected to a foreign call center (typically india) where they cant help you and tell you to dispute online or mail a request to a P.O. Box. With EZ Choice Financial we dispute for your numerous times. We have special legal tactics and we make the credit reporting agencies remove most if not all negative items. We never give up on our customers. Check out the video Exposé courtesy of “60 minutes”.

Everybody is entitled for an Absolute Free Credit Consultation and Evaluation. We will tell you exactly what is going on with your credit, and what we can do to help you. We are so confident in our service, that we offer a money back guarantee if there is no improvement in your credit(the items you came in with) within 6 months. Call 1-(888)-655-6768, our credit repair experts are waiting to give you a free credit consultation OR Contact Us on our website!

**Video above is Courtesy of CBS Show "60 minutes", "40 Million Mistakes: Is your credit report accurate?**". You can send us a referral here